Alluding to prehistoric or 'primitive' art,
when an artifact (being as well a ritual object) is endowed with magical powers, capable of mediating between the 'ordinary' and 'mythical' worlds, an embodiment of living mystery.


2 'found' objects:


(A seed. An expression of intelligence of life force, which met its 'opposite' - decay and destruction, both co-created this piece: its outside rough, weathered, fascinating hues of reddish pigments, haywire of fibers.) 

disfigured by machete (a gesture)


Sea Shell

(A thin crack of intricate shape being an explicit invitation into the mystery ('inside') that is not confined by its seemingly small and finite form.) 

found on the bottom of the sea.


A timeless archetypal image, that of abyss of unknown, mystery of creation, source of life and of (sacred) sexuality and ongoing never ending process of continuation of life vs finite, fragile, limited appearance (and disappearance) of 'individual'. 


The object was displayed at METAFORM exhibition in Port Louis, Mauritius (see Events).