I am That | Who am I ?

The main body of this work came into being during my yoga and silent meditation retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico.
It reflects my introduction into non dual teachings (advaita vedanta), bliss of silence
and interest in working with archetypal visual symbols, both universal and personal,
as well as finding 'sacredness' even in the most simple details of everyday life.
It links singular impressions of mainly landscapes and fascination with elusiveness of all that is.
Blending genres (of travel / landscape / still life / street / abstract / spiritual / conceptual photography) and working with color as much as with towards monochrome inclined tonality.
There is a hint of a story in the arrangement of the images
(while being aware of arbitrariness of any and especially personal story) 
and a motif of death as a part of flow of life on the background of stillness
where becoming and unbecoming take turns on tides of the ocean of eternal now
which shines through and as everything.